While one small brand alone adopting different practices might seem like a modest start to trigger big changes in the fashion industry, the collective action of numerous brands doing the same becomes a transformative force. 

But what ignites this collective movement? It all starts with internal transformation within each individual brand.

How does it work? Internal transformation is truly powerful. In fact, as an independent brand, internal transformation is the most effective way to create an impact.  

Because there are so many things in the industry you cannot control. For example, you cannot control the legislation, direct your customers’ choices, or the trajectory of the wider industry. 

Don’t put all your energy on these aspects, this will create for sure a lot of negative emotions.

However, you will notice that there are also many things within your control, such as your brand’s creative direction, your company’s social and environmental policies, the decision to pursue a particular direction, your choice of working with a specific supplier, your pricing strategy or using a certain type of material. 

These are the areas you can have total control over. You can operate changes and completely transform internally. Focus your energy and resources there.

Concentrate your focus on the areas you can influence. 

True transformation within your business requires time, patience, and continuous refinement. Start with one aspect and watch the change spread contagiously through your organization, inspiring others internally. 

And over time these iterations will contribute to the transformation of the culture inside your business. 

Culture is the embodiment of how people think and act within your business. 

Shaping a new culture is the true transformative journey where you embark everyone around you. The way they show up to the world would be more passionate and powerful.

This internal transformation through culture then acts as a catalyst, sparking broader changes beyond your organization’s walls. 

The key is to start by focusing on what you can control internally. Make your internal transformation bigger and bigger so you can eventually make your company’s culture unstoppable.

The impact of these changes will eventually extend outward, contributing to the larger fashion ecosystem.

How Can Your Business Change the Fashion Industry?

  1. While you business alone cannot revolutionnize the industry, it is part of a larger ecosystem
  2. By focusing on internal transformation, you can influence the operations of other players
  3. Other time this ripple effect will spread throughout the fashion industry creating change

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