Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is part of a larger ecosystem. 

Just like in a natural ecosystem where different species interact with each other and their environment, the fashion industry is made up of various players – designers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers or influencers. 

Each of these players has a unique role and interacts with one another to create a dynamic system.

Just like in a natural ecosystem, where all the species and beings are interconnected, in the fashion industry, the practices of one designer or brand can influence another one. 

Similarly an innovation made available by a supplier can change the design process of many designers and brands. 

For example, your business relies on certain fabric suppliers, and your design choices can influence trends that affect the wider industry.

The same mechanism also works for a trend.

Under the guidance of Mother Nature, ecosystems evolve over time, with species adapting and evolving alongside each other. In the fashion system, it is the same! Designers and brands adapt to changing trends, consumer demands, and technological advancements to stay relevant and creative.

Every small business in fashion, much like a species in an ecosystem, contributes to the evolution of a larger system. 

Every action, no matter how small, plays a crucial role. This is where the concept of collective impact truly shines. It’s the understanding that each individual effort, when combined with others, can lead to significant, industry-wide transformation.

How Can Your Business Change the Fashion Industry?

  1. While you business alone cannot revolutionnize the industry, it is part of a larger ecosystem
  2. By focusing on internal transformation, you can influence the operations of other players
  3. Other time this ripple effect will spread throughout the fashion industry creating change

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