It's very difficult to have a good conversation with someone. If you're not getting their point of view. If you're not getting their perspective ...

This is my conversation with Isa Alves who has joined us from Lisbon in Portugal.

This episode is a little bit of a treat because we will be discussing COMMUNICATION WITH EMPATHY,

Improving how people communicate with one another and improving communication within organizations with EMPATHY is Isa’s mission.

Because EMPATHY is a skill that we can all learn and become more intentional when using it in the way we communicate with people around us.

Isa will tell us all about it.

Isa will explain how being more empathetic can serve us in our daily lives and in a professional environment.

Isa will also teach us how to set boundaries and why we need to set boundaries when we practice communication with empathy.

This was a lovely and important conversation on a very simple skill that could transform the quality of the relationships we have with people.

I hope you will enjoy this conversation and learn new ideas you could use right away in your business and life.


ON the beauty of Lisbon in Portugal (2:35)

ON Isa's vision for the ideal world for her children (3:53)

ON  Isa's realization of the emergence and emergency of her life calling  (5:06)

ON  Isa leaving her job as a journalist in the health sector (9:38)

ON  definition of Communication with Empathy (12:42)

ON  work environment: the benefit of Communication with Empathy (18:51)

ON  why Empathy must be paired with Assertiveness (boundaries) (21:58)

ON  the power of saying NO (boundaries) (25:28)

ON  communication with empathy for workers in the health sector  (34:33)

ON  Isa stepping out of her comfort zone for her business  (37:13)

ON  how Isa defines success for her  (41:09)



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The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell


Host: Leekei Tang

Contact: hello (at)

Music credits: Ukulele Fun by Liosound Music / Wooden Xylophone by Floraphonic

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