..but it has always been small businesses that have contagious ideas that changed the fashion industry.

They changed what the fashion industry makes and they change how the fashion industry makes it.

I've always wanted to hear Seth Godin's perspective on the power of small businesses to create change in the fashion industry so I invited him on my podcast!

Most people know Seth Godin through his work in the field of Internet Marketing as he has founded several companies. The most famous one is Yoyodyne, one of the first web-based direct marketing firms and it was acquired in 1998 by Yahoo for 30 million USD.

Then he founded Squidoo one of the 500 most visited websites in the world back in 2008 Seth is also a successful author who has published 20 international best selling books.

He is a very prolific blogger who has written over 8000 blog posts.

AND he is the host of the Akimbo podcast where he shares ideas about our culture and how we can change it.

This conversation is very special to me because Seth is to me MOST OF ALL a wonderful and generous TEACHER. I have learned so much from Seth through his books, podcasts, talks and workshops.

He is someone I personally look up to and I am deeply grateful to him for sharing his wisdom and for this conversation.

This conversation started with a question I’ve asked him to which he answered generously on his podcast. It was along the lines of “how a small fashion business seeking to create change can be seen and heard in today’s very noisy world”. Then Seth kindly accepted my invitation to elaborate on the topic on the Better Business Founder podcast.

SO if you are a business owner seeking to create change with your business, and not necessarily in the fashion industry, this episode is definitely for you.

Seth Godin will help you:

- understand how a small mission-driven fashion business can create change and even lead change in the industry

- discover why running a business is also an act of creativity

- you will learn about the tools for Modern Business Owners that want to make a difference.


ON How A Small Fashion Business can effectively create change and even lead change. (3:28)  

ON How Can A Small Fashion Business Be Seen And Heard in a Noisy World and Why Seth Thinks it's Great News to be Copied (5:46)  

ON The Purpose of Words: To CONNECT (8:41)  

ON Idiosyncrasy (10:58)  

ON Empathy (12:14)  

ON  The Smallest Viable Audience (12:47)  

ON Authenticity (13:37)  

ON Why Running A Business Is  A Creative Endeavour (14:21)  

ON Tools For Modern Business Owners That Want to Make A Difference (16:33)  

ON How Seth Chooses Which Projects to Work On (18:54)  

ON Showing Up and 8000 blog posts in the time capsule for future generations (20:26)  



Seth's Blog:

Seth's Podcast AKIMBO



Rana Plaza Disaster

blog post: Tools For Modern Citizens

Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts by Annie Duke

AKIMBO Season 9 - Episode 20, the question asked at 17:17


Check out Seth's on Wikipedia


Host: Leekei Tang

Contact: hello (at)

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