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Providing Training and Employment to Mothers through Sustainable Jobs within the Textile Industry by Josie Mackenzie


Today’s conversation is with Josie MacKenzie, the Founder of AMMA Sri Lanka.

AMMA is a social enterprise that Josie launched in 2015 in Nuwara Eliya, a region in the middle of Sri Lanka often known for tea plantation and production.

AMMA’s mission is to provide training and employment to Mothers through sustainable jobs within the textile industry. 

Josie will explain how she landed in Sri Lanka at the tender age of 18, how this experience has impacted her choice at university and why she chose to focus on mothers, what problems she is trying to solve with her business and some of the valuable lessons she learned along the way from working with mothers.

But the scope of AMMA is bigger than what is in its mission statement: AMMA creates products using dyes that are derived from food waste and plants and using traditional weaving techniques, with a strong focus on developing a regenerative textile economy in the region.

AMMA impacts people and the environment in many different ways.

And what I find also fascinating is Josie’s very creative approach when she first started her business.

Josie thinks that her journey is paved with many serendipitous moments. 

But I personally find her incredibly resourceful and vision-driven. She is a real change-maker with a strong growth mindset.I had a lot of fun in this conversation and learned a lot. So I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did.



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Nuwara Eliya, where AMMA is located in Sri Lanka

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