Shivani Patel is the founder of Arture, a brand of lifestyle accessories, that makes vegan and sustainable goods that are designed with purpose and intent. 

Arture works primarily with cork as an alternative to leather.

I initially wanted to talk with Shivani because I was really interested in learning all about the growing and the processing of cork as a material for fashion items.

So in this episode, Shivani will share with us the benefits of using cork, the lifecycle of cork oak trees, and why cork is a real regenerative source of material.

But then we will also learn a lot from Shivani's business founder’s journey.

Because Shivani has created a thriving business that started in Chennai in the southern part of India and now her brand is carried in many stores, not only all across India but also across Japan and other places around the world.

The success of Arture didn’t happen by accident.

Arture was launched in India in 2015 when Shivani just finished her design school.

She launched her brand with no business training and at a time when sustainability was not a concern in the society.

Shivani had to work a lot to build her business, to sell her ideas, to create change.

The story of Shivani’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in India in 2015 is a demonstration of her dedication and persuasion skills.If you want to get some very practical advice for starting and growing your business, and learn the reality of developing a mission-driven business, this episode is definitely for you.





Instagram: @arturedesign



National Institute of Fashion Technology

CHENNAI: city in South of India where ARTURE is located

INDIEGOGO: crowdfunding platform


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