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Creating a New Category in Fashion and Empowering Women with Baby Clothing by Bai Ahmad Zahmri


How can you create a Better Business in the fashion industry that provides not only jobs for mothers but also dignity and skills so these women could achieve even greater things in their lives? 

AND, at the same time, create a new category of products in the very crowded market of fashion!

Let’s find out with today’s guest: Bai Ahmad Zahmri, Founder of Nazkids, a social enterprise in Malaysia, that empowers local women through entrepreneurship by creating baby clothing. 

Bai aims to fight poverty by creating a sustainable community, where the women not only create products, but are also trained to train others so they could potentially run a business by themselves in the future.

Bai is another Better Business Founder that has demonstrated true grit on so many occasions on her journey.

She has overcome many challenges to take her business where it is today and her brand is now sold in various parts of Asia.

And at the end of this conversation, she will share with us how she has adapted her business to cope with the covid restrictions, in a very practical and, I should admit, surprising way.

Once again, I really enjoyed this conversation with another Better Business Founder and I hope you will too.Please welcome Bai Ahmad Zahmri.


ON Malaysia, its lush forests and Bai’s future vision for the world  (2:43)  

ON the reason why Bai created Nazkids, a social business that provides jobs for women and particularly mothers in Jitra, Kedah (4:30)  

ON providing training as the hiring process of the makers (8:27)  

ON how Bai created a new category in baby clothing by developing Malay traditional outfits for babies’ Aqiqah and how it landed in the hands of celebrities and royal families (10:02)  

ON the power of the pictures to launch the brand (12:11)  

ON why it is so important to build the brand first (13:44)

ON Bai leaving a corporate career to start her own company (15:02)  

ON losing most of her savings and bootstrapping (17:10) 

ON the philosophy behind training programs, why Nazkids focuses on training even if the women do not end up working with the business (20:23)  

ON the longer vision: to provide business training so the women can start their own business (22:41)

ON Bai’s definition of success: how many people Bai can bring to achieve greater things in life (24:50)

ON why Bai decided to register her company on Dec 12, 2012 (26:40)  

ON challenges and learnings from running a social business (27:53)

ON where you can find Nazkids and the new products launching since the start of the pandemic (beyond masks!!!) (29:33)  



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Jitra Kedah

Rainforest in Malaysia

Aqiqah or Akikah

Kuala Lumpur