My conversation today is with Helena Roth, the Founder of the Tankespjärn community.

For those who don’t know, tankespjärn is a Swedish word, more precisely a Swedish word construct of 2 words for a concept for the mind.

It’s a philosophy of life for personal and professional growth.

I will say no more about it because it is the main topic of our conversation, so we will mainly learn from listening to Helena.

But I just want to say that I find the concept of tankespjärn particularly relevant now because we are currently living in highly uncertain times where we are all trying to figure out how the new normal would look like and what will be our place in this new normal world.

So if you want to find out more about the concept of tankespjärn, learn how your life can be stretched and have more tankespjärn in your life, follow the link in the comments below and join me for my conversation with Helena Roth.


  • The Creative’s Workshop and tankespjärn (2:56)  
  • That pivotal moment when Helena discovered the concept of tankespjärn (10:40)  
  • Doing gentle with an edge (16:00)
  • How does this serve me? (24:17)
  • Who is tankespjärn for? ( 27:19)  
  • How Helena uses tankespjärn in her work? (29:27)
  • Tankespjärn applied to the development of a business (34:23)  
  • The benefits of a tankespjärn review of the business as it is constantly evolving  (37:50) 
  • To find out more about Helena and tankespjärn (43:14)  
  • There is no Truth [time capsule question] (46:39)  
  • My recent tankespjärn moment (50:25)


Read Helena’s Blog:

Listen to Podcast: Tankespjarn with Helena Roth 

Join the tankespjärn Community on Patreon



The Creative’s Workshop, an Akimbo workshop by Seth Godin 

Buddhas by the Roadside, a series of conversations with Helena

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HELENA ROTH tankespjärn

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