Today, I’m delighted to share with you my conversation with Julia Skergeth, a young and very inspiring handbag designer who has joined us from Vienna in Austria.

Julia is the embodiment of boldness. She is a bold business person and a bold designer.

In this very fun conversation, Julia will tell us the story about how launching a collection on a crowdfunding platform led her to take over a factory in Indonesia. She will also share with us the details of how she manages her creative process and her business; and why she chose to be completely transparent to her customers about her price structure. If you need a good dose of inspiration to shake things up or to take a less conventional approach in your business, this conversation with Julia Skergeth is definitely for you.


  • Julia’s cross-country education and experiences (1:59)  
  • How Julia’s brand is connected to her personal vision (2:43)  
  • How Julia Skargeth brand started in Asia (4:30)  
  • How launching a Kickstarter campaign led Julia to … take over a factory in Indonesia (10:00) 
  • A crisis is a chance to grow and to get better (12:36)
  • Why Julia relocated production in Europe and restarting the brand (13:28)
  • On transparency as part of the brand storytelling (18:00)
  • Julia’s creative process on the fringe of the traditional fashion calendar (24:02)
  • Brand’s further developments (27:12)
  • What brings joy to Julia from her business (28:51)



Julia Skergeth website:

On Instagram: skergeth_official


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