One of the things I love about podcasting is that I get to have inspiring conversations with wonderful people that are creating change in their own way. 

I talk to people that are growing a business that is also creating good for people and for the planet. But sometimes these people are not necessarily from the fashion or textile industries. 

This is wonderful because it is a great learning and creativity opportunity for us to get some fresh ideas we could implement in our business.  

Last spring, I talked to Kate Field who runs a goat cheese farm with her husband in Tasmania. 

When I asked her about sustainability in her business she replied that

“sustainability is not an endpoint, it is something we really have to constantly strive towards because things change around us”

Then she added that:

“in regard to the land, we want to be regenerative” 

They want to improve things. 

That means that they are “using” the piece of land with intention and care so they can make it better than when they first arrived.

This was a highly enlightening moment because it was my very first encounter with the regenerative approach. 

Since then, I’ve heard about some initiatives in the textile industry. These initiatives mainly focus on a regenerative agriculture principle.

I wonder: what the other principles of regenerative textile could be?

regenerative fashion

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