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Hi, I’m Leekei

Many years ago I launched a fashion business in Paris with no real experience in the industry. 

It has been a steep learning curve for me and my team: we went on to set up, developed a brand that our customers loved, grew the business and sold our products across 4 continents.

Today, my mission is to help purpose-driven founders like you, grow your business in a way that better serves the world and improves the lives of those involved in your business, today and tomorrow.

I’ve helped dozen of creative founders regain confidence in their finances, take control of their cashflow, expand their distribution channels, and tap in their creative potential so they can grow their business in a way that is aligned with their inner beliefs and vision.

Leekei Tang


Independent businesses have the power (and the responsibility) to contribute to a brighter and fairer world.

Unlike larger companies, small businesses are more agile and are more fit to integrate innovative solutions and better practices.

But more importantly, small businesses are mostly financially independent, therefore, they can afford to be at the service of their customers and of the world.


I empower people and independent fashion business owners to create the type of change they want to see in the world.

I help them build strong brands and resilient companies that reflect their inner values.

I’ve worked with of entrepreneurs helping them translate their unique vision into the business operations. As a result, they business is more aligned with their purpose with a stronger connection with their customers. 

A little bit more about my journey…

I. The long journey from studying sustainable development to launching businesses

leekei graduation UCL

Me in 2003 at my graduation from a Msc in Environment and Sustainable Development (at a time when no one really cared about the topic and my friends thought I was loosing my mind…). 

My journey has not been straightforward but I’ve never lost sight that I could contribute and build a more plentiful world.  

If you are interested you can find below the podcast episode where I shared part of my journey.

II. Behind the glamour of starting and growing a fashion business

This is a photo taken during one of the many fashion weeks me and my team attended when my company was first launched. 

Fashion weeks were often portrayed by the media as glamorous events where highly stylish people and vips travel the world to gather and celebrate the upcoming trends. 

But in reality, fashion weeks are the backbone of one of the most competitive long established industries in the world.

Yes, a fashion business is a damn tough business to run and even if I was from the investment banking world, growing this business wasn’t easy. 

I can still feel all the stress and anxiety that this photo does not reflect…

III. Today I serve purpose-driven business founders

Leekei Podcast

This is a recent screenshot of me just about to record a podcast episode.

After I sold my company, I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I should do next. One day, I got a request from a fashion business accelerator who wanted me to teach other founders how to export and to grow their business. Soon after, a business incubator asked me to help their entrepreneurs with their finance and cashflow.

I gradually realized that my blend of expertise was really needed. I also realized that I love helping other founders make their business more resilient so it becomes the platform for the change they want to see in the word. And, most importantly, I am good at it because founders I’ve worked with always gained clarity and experienced tangible change in their business. 

… maybe, have I finally found my ikigai?

I’m now dedicated to serving even more business founders by the way of writing, coaching and mentoring, creating courses, speaking and even podcasting

Take the next step

At Better Business Founder we do meaningful work with other founders that are walking the same path. Want to find out more?

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I also collaborate with international development agencies, incubation and acceleration programs, non-profit organizations. If this resonates with you and you are interested in my “blend of expertise”, feel free to drop me a message